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Questions below are dated on June 1st, 2014.
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Board of Directors for 2013 - 2014
Stan Maj, Stan Jacobs, Alex Guttman, Lou Slosel, Victoria Birch, Randy Laverty & John Vidler

Past Presidents
John Gaeler, Robert Sperian, Randy Laverty
Eugene Storozinsky and Brian Kirkey

Past Directors
Douglas Hunter and Archie Patterson

What legal provisions and documents are provided by Sharon Gun Club to demand share ownership of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd., as a requirement for Sharon Gun Club membership?

What are the legal documents that give this right by the board of Sharon Gun Club to demand a member first own a share of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why are these legal documents not provided to new members, current members and shareholders?

Why does the past and present directors of SGC & SRPL, refuse to provide copies of Sharon Gun Cluband Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd., articles of corporation, constitutions, by-laws, shareholders agreements, past board minutes, legal share ownership verification, etc; to shareholders and members?

Why are members spending thousands of dollars on a share of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd., to become a member of Sharon Gun Club, when there are no legal documents provided to demand share ownership prior to being a member of Sharon Gun Club?

How can by-laws of Sharon Gun Club be sufficient documentation to demand share ownership of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

What legal documents isSharon Recreation Properties Ltd.providing Sharon Gun Club, to demand a member, to own a share of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd?

How is the current board of Sharon Gun Club permitted legally, to print 140 additional shares and then sell them for $2500?

Why is the value set at $2500, when recent transactions and offers to purchase are between $3500 and $4000?

Why is Sharon Gun Club setting a value on a share of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why are purchasers and the open market not setting the value of a share?

Why are shareholders andnew share purchasers not provided a "prospectus" for the issuance of 140 new Shares?

Why were shareholders not notified of a vote for issuing new shares? Why were the vote results destroyed?

What supporting legal documents does Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd. have to support the legality of the issuance of these 140 new shares, with true property value or rights?

If there are already 1560 shareholders for over 30 years, then why are 140 new shares being issued now?

How can Peter Carey represent the board only,
as the clubs legal council in 2012 through 2013, when he is a member of Sharon Gun Club and a shareholder of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why was the "conflict of interest" question, denied a review?
Why was Peter Carey terminated as the directors legal counsel, in January of 2014?

Why are the funds of those new share sales not being returned to the 1560 existing shareholders?

How are the funds from those share sales, being shown to CRA for tax purposes?

How does any shareholder know by validated documented evidence that 1560 shares is the true and complete amount of shares owned by Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd?

What possible legal and CRA issues arise from a non-profit corporation (Sharon Gun Club) and it's past directors, using Sharon Gun club funds to buy and sell shares of another corporation?

Why is the board of directors retaining lawyers to represent themselves and not the shareholders as a whole?

Why have the current and past board of directors retained
5 different lawyers since 2011?

Whose funds are being used to retain all these different lawyers?

How is it legally possible for the CSSA to pay for legal fees, of Sharon Gun Club or Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Whose funds were used to "replace" over a dozen missing shares? What is the total value of those funds to "replace" shares?

How can 1 share be sold 2 times? Was that share "split"?

Who sold and purchased roughly 30 shares in 2007?
How is it possible that one entity owned more than 10 shares of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

What legal process was performed to ensure the legality of that share sale and purchasewith regards to that volume of shares? Who profited from those share sales
and who purchased and sold them?

Why are past share numbers cancelled and replaced with new share numbers? Why are share numbers being cancelled?

Why do the past and present directors continue to refuse an independent audit or to complete a 7 year audit of Sharon Gun Club and Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why is an independent audit denied
to review the shareholders list?

How does any shareholder have factual knowledge that he or she is a true shareholder of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.;
when a review of a share's full history is not provided by the corporation?

Has a forensic audit and review of all corporate documents been completed to verify, authenticate and validate that the corporate documents are true and factual?

How can the "shareholders agreement" of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd. be legal or valid, when there is no date on that document, or no knowledge of it's source?

Why would John Gaeler, and Stan Maj deny a shareholder to view the shareholders list of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why would the board of directors retain 2 different lawyers to prevent a shareholder of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.,
to view the shareholders list?

Why was there 4 different presidents of Sharon Gun Club in 2011? Why was there over 8 resignations of directors between 2011 and 2013?

Why would Eugene Storozinsky in 2011, instruct a shareholder, that Sharon Gun Club has the right to purchase shares at $1000 first and then resell that share?

Why would Eugene Storozinsky demand this value, when John Gaeler and Douglas Hunter purchased a share, a year earlier for $2500.00 with Sharon Gun Club funds?

How many other shares were purchased
and sold by Sharon Gun Club?

How many previous shareholders undersold their shares to the Sharon Gun Club when duty and care of the directors is questionable?

Why does the current board refuse, to re-print shares with the true legal corporate name?

Is it possible that past and present directors of Sharon Gun Club and Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd. might be working outside of their scope of duty; when they have knowledge of serious issues with the corporations and refuse to have independent audits completed, to repair the issues legally?

Are future directors at risk with personal liability with Sharon Gun Club and Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd., if independent (forensic) audits are not completed?

Will future directors inherit this risk when they obtain knowledge and learn of potential serious corporate issues, when elected and review the corporate report, non-audited shareholders list,
non-audited financial statements, non-audited administration and past board minutes?

Why were ALL shareholders notified for the first time in 2012,
of an AGM?

If Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd. and Sharon Gun Club had no legal AGM's prior to 2012, then how can all those shares issued prior to 2012 be legal?

Why have current and past directors not taken any actions with respect to the Fogler - Rubinoff corporate review issued in 2008? (see web-links below to review reports)

After 6 years, of that report, why do the directors continue to deny an independent audit of both corporations
and the shareholders list?

How can the current board exist,
if there were no elections at the 2013 AGM?

Why would Sharon Gun Club refuse to
provide duty and care to an 84 year old shareholder of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why would John Gaeler, Archie Patterson, Rob Sperian and Sharon Gun Club arrest an 84 year old shareholder of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd., for trespassing,
when the shareholder was visiting the corporate office of Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd.?

Why do the current directors of Sharon Gun Club, force an 88 year old shareholder to litigate for the return of his shares, when the corporations acknowledge to the shareholder,
that he owns shares?

Why are shareholders not provided detailed information of current litigation with the directors, and the corporations?

Where is the shareholders legal representation?

If the shareholders have legal representation, then why do shareholders have little knowledge of the litigation
and why is the board refusing to provide litigation information to the shareholders?

Why did the board refuse to answer a shareholder question regarding liabilities of litigation, at the 2013 AGM?

Why did John Gaeler, former president of Sharon Gun Club, access the shareholders list, to mail proxy vote requests, to many shareholders for the 2012 AGM?

Why would Stan Maj, cash a $300 cheque in March of 2013 for a shareholders list copy; a month after Stan Maj and Robert Sperian decided not to provide the list copy?

Why would they invite additional litigation?

Why would Stan Maj, cash a cheque payable to Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd. through Sharon Gun Club's bank account? What happened to those funds?

How is it legally possible to have 1 bank account for 2 corporations which are legally different with respect to Corporation Acts?

Why are serious questions being denied answers, with regards to the clubhouse building, property management, shareholders list, accounting and legal corporate governance?

Why would Randy Laverty state at the 2012 AGM, to the shareholders and members "The club is in the best shape, it has ever seen"?

How can this be true?

Below is a statement from the Sharon Gun Club website

Sharon Recreation Properties Ltd. (SRPL)
Owners of Shares in SRPL are encouraged to contact a Director of SRPL if you are considering selling a share...
Please be careful with respect to whom you may be dealing with on the internet!
Not all websites and advertisements are legitimate.
We have lists of individuals looking to purchase shares.

As disgruntled shareholders...

Are the questions on this website
not legitimate?


28 January, 2008 To: All Members of Sharon Gun Club...
28 Jan 2008 - All Members of Sharon Gun Club.
From: Members of Board of Directors.
Your Board of Directors has determined that the basis on which the...

The included document was presented at the Board of Directors...
Sharon Gun Club on 2008-01-12.
This document was read out loud at the Board...

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